Time to visit Edinburgh?

Princes Street Gardens
Evening crowd in front of Jenners’ store in Princes Street, Edinburgh, looking across to Princes Street Gardens

The sad truth is that we don’t manage to visit Edinburgh as often as we should.  For heavens’ sake, we’ve got family in Edinburgh and it’s always great to have a get-together.

We had a quick walk along Princes Street in September 2018 and were pleasantly surprised by how unobtrusive the new tram system is.  The shops and the street seemed pleasantly busy and there were plenty of groups looking and and visiting the Scott Monument.


Scottish visitors

I began a private, very personal love affair with Scotland decades ago when I first learned that Buchanan is a Scottish clan name with its own colorful tartan and coat of arms and that our Presbyterian church came from Scotland. The more I learned about Scotland, Scottish history, Highland culture, the Scottish Reformation, the more […]

via A Scottish Love Affair — Hold to the Good

Love this account of Dr Buchanan’s first visit to Scotland and his return, many years later.