Beautiful May

This spring has been fantastic – not too much rain and it’s been beautifully sunny.  The consequence is that the colours in our garden have been amazing.

Vibrant azaleas

The wee blue pansies also look fantastic, caught in the sunlight.


Heads sticking up into the sunlight, the blue violas are fabulous.

We can’t wait to see the roses coming into flower and to eat our way through a crop of Red Rooster potatoes!


What would you do?

If you could run away for a day, what would you do?  Assuming that money was no object, would you find yourself on the Far Pavilions of the Himalayas or would you do something special which means a lot to you but wouldn’t cost the earth and where you could do the round-trip in a day.

View over the basin at the Crinan Canal
Crinan Canal, Argyll

This would be my “away day” moment.  I love visiting the Crinan Canal and Crinan Village …  so quiet, so peaceful and, odd as it may seem, quite often a real sun trap.  It’s lovely walking along the canal bank, looking out on to the water and the hills beyond.  There’s a lovely little coffee shop (which is open during the summer months) as well as an award-winning restaurant at the Crinan Hotel, which was much loved by Michael Winner.

After our walk and maybe a cup of coffee, we then return slowly in the direction of Inveraray;  you can’t go to Inveraray without having a meal in the George Hotel, it would seem!  That’s highly recommended too.

So, without spending huge amounts of money, I have drunk my fill of fresh air, walking along the canal, sea views, sunshine, a quick bite to eat for lunch and then a fabulous meal in Inveraray.  That’s my escape sorted.  I’d love to hear about yours!


Highland Cattle


Highland Cattle, lying in a field in Stirlingshire, are enjoying the warmth of the late evening sun.  Thee cattle can be seen in most areas of Scotland – but you have to keep a sharp eye out as there aren’t nearly as many of them as you might imagine.  They are good natured beasts, but if they’ve got young calves, we’d certainly recommend that you keep your distance as those horns can be quite scary when they’re attached to a protective mother!