What would you do?

If you could run away for a day, what would you do?  Assuming that money was no object, would you find yourself on the Far Pavilions of the Himalayas or would you do something special which means a lot to you but wouldn’t cost the earth and where you could do the round-trip in a day.

View over the basin at the Crinan Canal
Crinan Canal, Argyll

This would be my “away day” moment.  I love visiting the Crinan Canal and Crinan Village …  so quiet, so peaceful and, odd as it may seem, quite often a real sun trap.  It’s lovely walking along the canal bank, looking out on to the water and the hills beyond.  There’s a lovely little coffee shop (which is open during the summer months) as well as an award-winning restaurant at the Crinan Hotel, which was much loved by Michael Winner.

After our walk and maybe a cup of coffee, we then return slowly in the direction of Inveraray;  you can’t go to Inveraray without having a meal in the George Hotel, it would seem!  That’s highly recommended too.

So, without spending huge amounts of money, I have drunk my fill of fresh air, walking along the canal, sea views, sunshine, a quick bite to eat for lunch and then a fabulous meal in Inveraray.  That’s my escape sorted.  I’d love to hear about yours!